As a leader among first aid, fire fighting and safety equipment gear suppliers in Australia and the world, it is important to RAPP Australia Pty Ltd to ensure the products distributed by its NEANN and firelogistics divisions are efficient and reliable.

Research and Development

With a strong sentiment of collaboration among designers, builders and administrative staff to provide the best possible medical equipment bags, rescue gear and more, investing in research and development is a part of what keeps RAPP Australia Pty Ltd competitive, and at the forefront of its industry.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd’s team of dedicated CAD operators, industrial engineers and sales representatives routinely seeks out new materials and techniques for design and are constantly challenging themselves to develop new products for the firelogistics division, from personal backpack spray units to the Flexitanks and other larger fire fighting equipment.

Additionally, many NEANN products, such as trauma kits, thermal imaging systems and CPAP equipment, have seen numerous upgrades thanks to the awareness of new product developments and materials, field use and client feedback.

Products of the Highest Standards

All of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness, reliability and safety, and also meet standards of production and testing in their country of origin as well as Australian legal requirements.

This commitment to high standards has given us the opportunity to provide medical equipment and other products to Governments, hospitals, fire fighting organisations, as well as businesses in the private sector.

With Sales Representatives from states all over Australia, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is ready to share its expertise with your organisation.

For more details about RAPP Australia Pty Ltd and products distributed via its firelogistics and NEANN divisions, please contact us online or call our head office on 03 5284 0901.